What is Brazilian Ginseng?

What is Brazilian Ginseng?

Brazilian ginseng, also known as suma, is created from a South American vine that is used in traditional herbal medicine. The plant is similar to that of traditional ginseng; however, the two are not related. Once the root of the vine is harvested it can be processed in two different ways. It root can be dried and processed into a powder or an extract can be made to store the ginseng in a liquid form.

Forms of Brazilian Ginseng

Brazilian ginseng is offered in several forms:

  • Powders: The Brazilian ginseng root is ground into a powder which can be used to create capsules and tablets but can also be left in this form and added to drinks and food for those who have trouble swallowing pills.
  • Capsules and Tablets: This form is typically used for those interested in using the ginseng as a supplement because it is the easiest to use.
  • Liquid: Suma extract is useful for those who want to add Brazilian extract to recipes without worrying about a change in consistency which may be possible with the loose powder.

Brazilian Ginseng Uses

Brazilian ginseng has been used in South America for generations for a variety of purposes. Anecdotal evidence suggests it is beneficial as an aphrodisiac, as an energy enhancer, and as a general purpose supplement that promotes overall well-being. Recent studies are looking at the roots cancer preventative properties and its ability to fight certain types of cancer.

photo by: chadao